A Salon Re-opened Amid Lockdown & People Are Furious!




We were just going about our morning, scrolling through the million layers of social media when we tumbled upon a fiery discussion on a blogger’s page about a salon, and while we’d like to admit otherwise, we did stop by for some tea and here’s what we got:

Apparently an infamous salon, with branches in Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad re-opened its doors for customers introducing the a safety plan for both its employees and clients. The safety plan includes strict adherence to the dress code – employees must be in PPE gear while the clients will have to wear a mask, gown and gloves before entering the salon!


While the Salon may have had their best intentions in mind when drafting the safety plan – it sure did not pan out as they must’ve expected it to be. The salon re-opened its doors and the people are furious!

What made things worse was the fact the owner of the salon, when questioned, slammed people with harsh comments adding fuel to the fire. She even went ahead and called a frintline worker ‘Jahalat’ after twisting her name from ‘Jhayat’.

Twitter is currently buzzing with tweets addressing the situation and here’s some extra tea:


By the looks of it, this is something the masses will not see this as something acceptable especially when the death rate due to the virus has gone up in the past few hours.

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