A fan’s wholesome encounter with Atif Aslam is going viral on Twitter

Mahnoor Jalal

Mahnoor Jalal


Atif Aslam is not just a good singer and actor, but also one of the most wholesome, unproblematic actors in the entertainment industry who treats both his fans and colleagues with respect and love. Recently, a fan went viral on Twitter when she shared what went down when she and her friends met Atif Aslam and how he pleasantly chatted with them for 45 minutes.

She shared that he teased her for shaking while meeting him and guided her on the right angle so they take good pictures

“made sm fun of me, called me a rondu, a sohni kurri, a cute homeless rondu, a psycho, and played zero kaata w me on my hand because i was shaking, said kaanp kyun rahi hai, hugged me so tight b/c i was crying and teased me endlessly for 45 minutes. atif aslam”


Another fan shared that Atif Aslam was extremely kind and humble and pleasantly sat around to talk with his fans before taking pictures with them

This wholesome interaction was winning the hearts of twitter users who were super jealous that fans got a chance to meet Atif Aslam