5 Things That Make HSY’s ‘Legion’ The Perfect Collection For The Bespoke Man of Today




The world of menswear is often considered to be lacklustre in the larger realm of fashion in Pakistan, and rarely does it get the attention it should be getting. However, some couturiers have taken it on themselves to prove that there is more to bespoke menswear than what meets the eye. One such name is Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY), who has once again showcased the grand mastery of his menswear with his latest collection, Legion. By bringing in a touch of luxury to menswear suiting and by layering with rich fabrics suited to the equestrian genre, HSY presents, Legion.
What is it exactly about? Here’s a Top 5 lowdown!

A Sartorial Delight

Exploring in-depth design aesthetics that make HSY one of the most sought-after names of the industry, Legion is an ode to fine tailoring, sartorial menswear, and to an intricate approach towards exclusivity in suiting. Expect sharp-edged cuts, classic silhouettes and the perfect amalgamation of the two in an array of suiting options that range from timeless to contemporary – understated pieces in a divine palette of greys and blacks. For those looking to find options that fit the classic stylings men usually desire, this one should be a no-brainer.

Casting Coup

Taking fresh stars and influencers like Daniyal Zafar, Khaqan Shahnawaz, and Zarrar Khan who will soon be seen in Mahira Khan’s debut production Baarwan Khiladi, and putting them in front of the fashion crowd, HSY has managed to pump some much-needed brooding star power to the fashion industry. All three of the young and talented actors have palpable energy around them which seems to be doing wonders on both stills and the fashion reel for Legion.

A Fashion Reel To Remember
Directed by the supremely talented and one of the most celebrated male models of the industry, Waleed Khalid and edited by Amar Ali of Hybrid Imaging, the fashion reel for Legion brings forward the model’s directorial sensibilities as he makes the trio of celebs shine in an all equestrian vibe. The trio make temperatures rise with their brooding faces, their sense of swagger, and their grand accessories courtesy of Hanif Jewelers and Optica, which makes the reel a perfect representation of classic and contemporary coming together.

A Dream Team
Not only has Legion made HSY’s signature designs shine bright along with Waleed Khalid’s directorial skills and Amar Ali editing craft, but it has also showcased the designer’s ability to work only with the best from all fields behind the lens. The models are groomed by N-Gents. The stills, for example, are another proof of this perfection as Abdullah Haris manages to effortlessly shed light on the excellence in design that HSY is loved for. The amalgam of Abdullah’s photography and HSY’s decades of experience results in making Legion that perfect mix where art meets fashion.

A Nod To Palestine
In keeping with the signature charisma of HSY’s ensembles and his need to have a meaning behind a collection, the fashion reel for Legion also focuses on giving out a narrative of resilience through the subtle nod of support for the Palestinian brethren via the Keffiyeh’s — that have been added not only as a styling piece but also to broadcast a message of fraternal vibes between Pakistanis and Palestinians. Whether it is through the grandeur of the suiting and tailoring or the highly-researched grand idea of Legion, HSY has made this collection one for the annals of fashion history!

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