5 dessert based small businesses you can’t miss



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If you’re planning a party with your friends and family and wish to bring something new to the table, then these dessert based small businesses are what you need to look into right now. The variety of desserts they offer include cakes, cookies and cupcakes that have wowed their clients and definately deserve your hype.

  1. Bismah’s bake shop


The mother-daughter duo dessert bakery is Lahore based and started first in LUMS where Bismah was popularly known around campus as “the carrot cake girl” for the delicious carrot cakes and chocolate banana breads she would sell to students and professors. Her home based dessert business sells customized cakes for birthday’s, engagements, bachelorette parties etc. and her customers have left positive reviews in regards to the outstanding flavor of her products as well as their timely delivery.

2. A Broke Baker



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Based in Lahore, the dessert business is known for a variety of options like new york bagels, bialys, focaccia, babka’s and so much more. The products are posted on the Instagram stories option, where customers can reach out to place their order through messages. The bakery has also provided their desserts for purchase at places like Esajees bakery and Tayyab store, where they were sold out quickly. Previous clients who have purchased from this business have sent positive feedback on the outstanding taste and quality of the food.

3. Aleeha’s pantry


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A post shared by Aleeha Shah (@aleehaspantry)

Set up in 2020, the business is known for creating customized dessert products like cakes and cupcakes for birthday’s, parties or engagements and their Instagram page is filled with their previous designs. The business has posted their menu on their Instagram stories which provides customers the option to choose the sponge, filling and icing, and can reach out to them with their order through messaging them. Previous clients have sent positive feedback on the detailed design of the desserts, as well as their amazing taste.

4.  Serotonin Cookies



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Based in Islamabad, the business creates customized cakes, cookies and cupcakes for all occasions, and their products are posted on their Instagram page. Customers can head to the Instagram page and book their orders by messaging the business. Other than customized cakes, the business has also set up holiday deals for Eid, Valentines Day or Christmas which were incredibly popular with their clients. Previous customers have left positive reviews under the comments of her posts for the detailed attention given to the design of the desserts as well as their impeccable taste.

5. Dunus Oven



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The Islamabad based business should be on your go to list for all your parties as the most delicious donuts can not be found any where else. Their Instagram stories post the variety of flavors the business provides their products in which include nutella, caramel, butter kreme etc. and customers can also find the details on how to contact the business there as well. The final products are posted on the Instagram page, where the comments are flooded with previous clients who have praised the baker for the flavor, design and timely delivery of the products.

by Mahnoor Jalal