10 year old genius Amna Amir hired as a Teacher at Karachi University




10-year-old Amna Amir Shehzad starts teaching at the University of Karachi as Assistant Teacher. The young girl is a genius breaking social expectations and age norms becoming a data scientist.

Amna shares her expertise working as an assistant professor at Karachi University. She earned the third spot in the city for the Rechnokids program, where she entered the field of computers and dug into a variety of computer courses like Canva, Adobe Suite, and Microsoft Office Suite. The young tech expert is proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and has even experienced hosting on sites like GitHub and Firebase.

Since childhood, Amna has been a knowledgeable and technical person who loves to work on different tasks. She began her journey with early exposure to technology through the Saylani Techno Kids Program, which offers groundwork for her fastest development.

At her young age, Amna has become an inspiration to many young talents. Luckily, Amna’s ability and dedication weren’t ignored at home as her sister and teacher recognized her talents after she finished the HTML assignment on time.  As a result, she received an unexpected internship offer, which led to the opening for an Assistant Professor position at Karachi University. She continues her technical education at software companies connected to the university while also attending traditional education, schooling, and technological courses through Saylani’s online classes.