Actors Who Made it to Our ‘Best Actor’ List of 2019!

Ifra Abbas

Ifra Abbas


As we are wrapping up 2019, we bring to you the list of 10 best actors of 2019 and their most appreciated roles!

Pakistan’s drama and film industry has marked its way and has gained huge fan following all across the world now. There was a time called the “golden Era of PTV’ where we had just one channel yet had the potential to produce some amazing dramas that are still enjoyed and are no less than treat to watch. Go through this article to find 10 best actors of 2019.

Now having around 50 channels of our own, our drama industry has made a name with dramas trending on different websites with the highest ranking. The credit goes to many hard working directors and actors who work as a team and bring stories that are relatable and have helped in bringing awareness for our society on different issues that were once considered as a shame to be even discussed.

Humayun Saeed:

Humayun Saeed is known for his charming personality and amazing acting skills. He has recently got immense appreciation for his drama serial Mere Pass Tum Hu which has just made waves on the internet.


Imran Ashraf Awan:

Imran Ashraf Awan has marked his name in the drama industry as one of the most prominent actors and has gained huge fan following especially after playing the character of ‘Bhola’ in ‘Ranjha Ranjha Kardi”.


Bilal Khan:

Bilal Khan has been in the spotlight ever seen he made his debut in the industry. Known for his good looks and amazing acting skills. Drama serial ‘Cheekh’ was a turning point for his career which went viral on social media and Bilal gained huge fan following for his negative role.


Ali Abbas:

Ali Abbas has been seen working hard since long in the industry has many dramas with prominent roles under his name. He has recently turned all the attention towards him through his exceptional acting in drama serial ‘Naqab Zan’. The drama has helped bring awareness in the society by addressing the issue of women being rapped by close family members.


Adnan Siddiqui:

Adnan Siddiqui is a well-known actor of our industry and has a huge fan following all across the globe. He has always received a great amount of appreciation for his drama roles and is also known to be one of the most well-dressed actor. He has been in the spot-light for his role in drama serial Mere Pass Tum Hu and Yeh Dil Mera where he is playing the role of a loving and a possessive father.


Ahad Raza Mir:

Ahad has gained huge fan following after his drama Yakeen K Safar and it seems the actor is just flying high since then. Recently he is being appreciated for his dynamic role in Ehd-e-Wafa where he is playing the role of an army officer.


Imran Abbas:

Imran Abbas is a multi-talented star of our industry. He is a great singer, actor and has been into modelling as well. He has worked across the border as well and has some movies under his name as well. Known for his good looks and great acting skills, Imran has gained huge fan following this year with some of his trending drama serials. The best under his name this year was ‘Koi Chaand Rakh’.


Zahid Ahmed:

Zahid Ahmed has marked his name slow and steady but has remarkable drama serials under his name. He has proved himself in the industry as one of the finest actor by playing some very strong yet tricky characters. His drama serial ‘ Ishq Zahay Naseeb’ has made waves on the internet which has addressed the issue of split personality disorder. He has took the challenge of portraying two different characters in a very strong and powerful way.


Affan Waheed:

Affan Waheed has been known for his dynamic acting skills. He has many hit drama serials under his name but has got immense love and appreiation for the drama serial ‘Du Bol’ and his pair with Hira Mani just took the social media by storm. People are actually looking forward to see this duo in their new upcoming drama ‘Ghalti’.


Farhan Saeed:

Who would know that a great singer could be an extremely great actor too. Farhan proved himself with his amazing acting skills in drama serial ‘Sunu Chanda’ and became one of the favourite actors in the industry. Sunu Chanda has been one of the most popular dramas all across the globe.